Torrisi's interior (not a scene from the video)I have to admit, I watch the video on the Torrisi Italian Specialties site the way some people watch the three-year-old-crying-over-Justin-Bieber clip. It’s a genius alternative from owners Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone to the blah-blahy bios so many chefs have on their websites, and the video shows everything from one of the owners' grandmother’s 103-year-old lasagna to the inspiration they get from Mama Leone and Thomas Keller. Now, Torrisi and Carbone have added new videos, in which they explain their philosophy of using only American-made products for their outstanding deli lunches and new four-course dinners. (Specifically, the video shows them trying to sell their Italian architect on the virtues of Progresso bread crumbs.) If it doesn’t quite have the symmetry of the Bieber-meets-that-crying-three-year-old segment, it’s still fantastically watchable, and it also features one of the Torrisi guys singing "God Bless America."