vending machines, video games
Credit: © AlexandrBognat/Nicolas McComber/Getty Images

Some people collect video games. Some people collect vending machines (at least those with big garages or zero housemates). And some people collect video game vending machines. No, not machines that dispense copies of Call of Duty. If you’ve ever been immersed in a first person shooter that takes place in any semblance of our reality, you’ve likely noticed the attention to every detail. For example, games like the Grand Theft Auto series are famous for having customized radio stations you can jam to while cruising in a stolen car.

One all-important element of populating a faux-real world environment? Vending machines. And as NPR reports, political science professor and amateur game designer Jess Morrissette of West Virginia has taken it upon himself to document any and every virtual vending machine he can find.

It all started while playing a Batman game, when Morrissette noticed a vending machine in the background. He posted a screenshot to Twitter, and soon after the idea to start an all-fake soda machine page was born. As it turns out, soda machines are a bigger part of video game design than you might have thought. Pepsi and Coke may be ubiquitous in the physical realm, but unless product placement is involved, due to trademark issues in the digital realm the brands are usually made-up like “Grog,” “Nuka-Cola,” “Sprunt” and “Fountain View” to name a few. So far he’s spotted nearly 250 machines and counting from games like Fallout, GTA and Hitman. Hey, everybody’s got to have a passion for something.

Some examples are below, but you can view the whole collection here.