By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 19, 2014
© Hammacher Schlemmer

You’re craving a bowl of ice cream, but you’re worried you’ll need an extra workout to counteract all those calories. Well, what if making the ice cream was the workout? Let the Kickball Ice Cream Maker solve all your problems.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer, or as they are known in airports around the world, “those guys from SkyMall,” this volleyball-size contraption makes ice cream through “kicks, shakes or rolls.” Simply fill one side with the ingredients, and fill the other side with ice and rock salt. Hand the ball to a child with too much energy, and 20 minutes later you have a pint of delicious ice cream.

According to the product description, “The ice cream maker’s soft rubber exterior withstands repeated kicks and rolls.” Whether at the park or on the beach, it’s perfect for playing all of your favorite games from childhood, like “Let’s See How Hard We Can Kick the Ice Cream Maker,” the classic ,“I Wonder If We Can Break the Ice Cream Maker” and, of course, “Dude, Stop Throwing That Ice Cream Maker at Me!”

Luckily for those who are hard on their toys, the Kickball Ice Cream Maker comes with a lifetime guarantee. That’s more than we can say for those boring bowl-and-motor contraptions you get as wedding presents.