It's August, have an enormous cocktail. 
Credit: Instagram/slowlyshirleyny

Summer may not be over yet—technically, it ends September 22, which means we have a whole month to go—but, warm weather-wise, things are starting to wind down (I'm so sorry). What better way to spend these last, precious sunny weeks than by tracking down the most enormous cocktails you can get your hands on? Here, we've rounded up the season's best face-size drinks, from flaming rum concotions to bloody marys that need their own seats.

Intro to Agricole: Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago

If you've never tried rhum agricole (a.k.a. French-style rum made from fresh-pressed sugar cane juice), this seems like a good place to start. Chicago's Three Dots and a Dash tiki bar mixes it with watermelon, starfruit, lime, and pineapple—all in a double-height glass.

The Derelict: The Polynesian, New York City

This little guy's lime hat is served flaming. Inside, there's a mix of rums, bourbon, banana, passion fruit, cinnamon, and absinthe (that last one may explain the drink's name).

Tahitian Coffee: Slowly Shirley, New York City

Rum, coffee, honey, guava nectar, orange juice and passion fruit syrup come together over crushed ice in this buzz-inducing cocktail, served in a Chemex.

The Captain: The Darling Oyster Bar, Charleston

This Charleston brunch spot sees your celery stalk bloody mary garnish and raises you a lobster claw, a king crab leg, shrimp, hush puppies, and olives.

Grapefruit Press: Provision No. 14, Washington, D.C.

A vodka, grapefruit, mint, and basil concoction that's perfect for sharing.

The White Rabbit: Nitecap, New York City

This refreshing cocktail combines two summer faves: aperol and Pimm's (along with a medley of go-to tiki drink flavors).

The Absolut Baller: E.P. & L.P., Los Angeles

A drink served in a disco ball really sets the tone for the night, you know? This party punch combines vodka, sherry, pandan leaf syrup, citrus juices, and bitters.

Rum Swirl: Tipsy Scoop, New York City

The spiked sundae creation (a combo of alcohol-infused strawberry and piña colada ice creams, swirled with rum) is the answer to the question "should we order another drink or get dessert?"

Piña Colada: Boulton and Watt, New York City

If the words "serves one to two people" are in a drink's description, it will almost definitely be bigger than your face.