Vermont Butter & Cheese Co. rolls out a new name and logo today. After 25 years in business, apparently there is still some confusion over whether there’s butter in the cheese. There’s not. The newly named Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery makes an amazing (and award-winning) cultured butter with sea salt crystals. It also makes lots of artisanal cheeses, including fresh and aged goat varieties, crème fraîche and mascarpone with milk from St. Alban’s Cooperative. The new name and logo emphasize Vermont and Creamery, rather than Butter & Cheese. It's more pastoral, quaint and practical.

VBCC is on quite a roll. Founder Allison Hooper has just written her first book, In a Cheesemaker’s Kitchen (out this fall). It's a pretty cookbook full of simple recipes using the company’s products. I'm considering making the herb-roasted chicken rubbed in that wonderful butter and the crème fraîche–potato gratin for my first official autumn dinner.