The fashion mogul's collaboration with Chopin will be available nationwide this spring.

By Mike Pomranz
February 16, 2021

Since vodka is a colorless and mostly tasteless spirit, brands have to lean on their images to stand out in the crowd. So why not work with someone who's known for making people look fashionable? In that regard, Polish-produced Chopin Vodka has found one of the best collaborators on Earth: fashion mogul Vera Wang.

Credit: Chopin

Billed as "the first vodka-fashion collaboration ever to launch in the U.S.," this limited-edition Vera Wang x Chopin bottling is set to start hitting shelves this spring. Vodka is apparently the designer's tipple of choice, and she took a very active roll alongside Chopin founder and CEO Tad Dorda to co-create her own. "Vera Wang personally selected a special variety of young potato for Vera Wang x Chopin that has never been on the market," the brand writes. "The potatoes used for the product are sustainably grown and sourced without chemicals or pesticides in the village of Krzesk, Poland, where the Chopin Vodka distillery is located." The resulting spirit is described as "unlike any other product available to date."

Credit: Chopin

"Working with Chopin Vodka was one of the most educational, fascinating and collaborative experiences I've ever had, learning how vodka is made and the various nuances of taste and texture. I am so grateful for the opportunity to co-create a spirit I adore so much, with such a storied and respected distiller," Wang said in the announcement. "It is the culmination of my long love affair with vodka in the most personal and expressive way."

Additionally, as someone who sells clothing, Wang also understands that what's on the outside can be as important as what's on the inside, so she was also involved in designing the one-liter bottles, choosing what Chopin calls "a modern, architectural, and sophisticated iteration […] that is guaranteed to stand out on any bar." The bi-color bottle even features a poem on the back—"an 'ode' to Wang's unique and highly personal relationship with vodka: how it makes her feel, the memories it evokes, and the emotion, sensuality, and romance vodka represents to her."

Credit: Chopin

"Vera Wang's personal touches on this project make it a truly authentic partnership. She has been actively involved in the entire process with her mind, heart, and sophisticated taste," Dorda added. "We are honored to have our first artist-designed collaboration with legendary Vera Wang, who is so passionate about the discovery of vodka and is a sincere Chopin Vodka connoisseur."

The bottles will be available for preorder exclusively on starting on March 8 before being launched at "select retailers" nationwide for a suggested retail price of $99.