The iconic designer collaborated with Parisian-style bakery Ladurée for the "Wedding Collection."
macaroons from vera wang
Credit: Courtesy of Vera Wang and Ladurée

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you might be struggling to decide what to serve for dessert. You could go the traditional route and serve a towering wedding cake decorated with white and pink buttercream roses. You could be that hip bride and groom that serves donuts—maybe on a donut wall?—instead of cake. Some people have even opted to indulge in the elaborate “piescraper” trend in lieu of a wedding cake. With so many new wedding trends popping up every year, it’s hard to keep track. Let me make it easier for you: What if there was a way to eschew the traditional baked goods you might find at a wedding while still infusing the occasion with classic elegance? Vera Wang and the Parisian-style macaron bakery Ladurée have the answer.

mini white cake with flower on top
Credit: Courtesy of Vera Wang and Ladurée

The two companies teamed up to create the exclusive Vera Wang pour Ladurée Wedding Collection, an exclusive line of macarons intended especially for your big day. The all-white meringue cookies were inspired by Vera Wang’s bridal designs, and come in a decadent coconut crème chantilly flavor that will ensure your guests don’t even miss the cake.

cake in detail close up
Credit: Courtesy of Vera Wang and Ladurée

But there’re more! If you love Vera Wang but want to go a more traditional route, Vera Wang pour Ladurée also includes a simple, but elegant, mango and coconut wedding cake, topped with a black bow and decorated with white roses. You could even serve the two together—a slice of the wedding cake served before a plate of macarons alongside a cup of after-dinner coffee—for the ultimate wedding dessert pairing.

The collection’s black and white color scheme is at once minimalist and eye-catching—the design won’t eclipse the bride (after all, she’s supposed to be the real show stopper, not the cake) while still ending the evening on a memorable high note. That’s a lot of work to ask from a dessert, but Vera Wang manages to pull it off.

The whole collection is now on display in the windows at the Ladurée Madison Avenue & Soho locations and both the cake and macarons will be available for order throughout 2018.