© Nigel ParryThis week, my favorite New Yorker writer, Dana Goodyear, profiles F&W Best New Chefs 2009 Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the chefs/owners of Los Angeles’s Animal restaurant, and—no surprise—says it’s a place where “meat is the main event.” Not the week of May 17 it won’t be. That’s when F&W Best New Chef 2008 Jeremy Fox, formerly of the vegetarian restaurant Ubuntu in Napa Valley, will collaborate with the Animal chefs to do seven days of five-course, all-vegetable tasting menus. Shook confirms it: “There will be no meat at Animal for one week.” He says he’s not worried about it, although he has no doubt that he, Dotolo and Fox will be eating meat after service. There’s a rumor that Fox isn’t there to push a permanent meat-ban at Animal; he is apparently testing the waters for a potential Ubuntu-style restaurant in L.A.