Those rainbow soles! 

Today in seemingly unlikely collaborations that kind-of-sort-of make sense, if you really think about it: Iconic skatewear brand Vans has teamed up with maker of chef gear (and fellow Southern California company) Hedley & Bennett on a capsule collection of aprons and sneakers.

Available at both Hadley & Bennett's and Vans' websites (as well as select J. Crew Mens stores and Nordstrom locations), the lineup features the classic VansSk8-Hi ($90) and Slip-On ($80) sneaks in a water-repellent navy blue fabric (chosen to minimize spills and stains from the kitchen) with rainbow soles (meant to mimic the ROYGBIV wall outside of Hedley & Bennett's factory in downtown L.A.). “The pops of color are symbolic of creativity and the magic that comes with it every day," Hedley & Bennett founder and CEO Ellen Bennett said in a statement. "Transferring that onto the soles of the shoes literally imbues the soles with soul; they're subtle on the exterior, but there's a reminder underneath it all to be unique, be whimsical, be you.” Both pairs of sneakers were designed specifically for people who are on their feet a lot (restaurant workers, yes, but also other "makers," as Bennett says), with extra-supportive inserts.

As for that apron ($85), it combines Vans' signature checkerboard print with H&B's eight-ounce stretch denim, and includes a chest pocket, two lap pockets, an adjustable neck strap, and brass hardware. And this isn't the last collab of 2018 for Hedley & Bennett—the company is teaming up with L.A. linen label Parachute on a line of kitchen textiles, set to launch in "about three weeks." “We’re doing these kitchen towels that are beautiful, effective and non-linty and the most sexy ... potholders you’ve ever seen in your life," Bennett told the L.A. Times of the collection. "Who says that about a potholder?”