Here's what they'll look like.

Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

If you've ever licked a stamp and thought "delicious!" you're, well, a bit weird. Suffice to say, stamps have been pretty much flavorless since their lick-and-stick days. But short of making your stamps taste like tasty treats, the United States Postal Service has done something to make stamps a little more palatable: It's releasing its first-ever scratch-and-sniff stamps this summer. Of course, most stamps now are peel-and-stick, meaning that yes, the USPS has finally realized the full potential of scratch-and-sniff stickers mashing up with humdrum old stamps (my apologies to all the philatelists).

Anyone who knows their stamps, however, knows that the tiny rectangles have been emblazoned with their fair share of masterpieces. The Frozen Treats Forever Stamps collection is no exception, featuring colorful watercolor images of ice pops and ice cream bars, from the artwork of Margaret Berg of Santa Monica, CA. Each stamp has two different bars on it and will evoke a "sweet summer scent," according to a statement from USPS. We'll go ahead and assume that scent is ice pops, but the details are being kept under wraps until the official release.

Credit: ©2018 USPS

The first stamp fans to find out exactly what the Frozen Treats collection smells like will be some lucky kids (and adults, too) in Austin, Texas. The stamps will be issued on June 20 with a ceremony marking the occasion to be held at the city's Thinkery Children's Museum. A pack of 20 Forever stamps will set you back $10 (yes, they're a cool 50¢ a piece now) and will go on sale after the event. However you can pre-order your own pack on the USPS website right now.

If seeing these delightfully delicious-looking ice pops has you already thinking about summer and enjoying a fruity, frozen (or chocolatey) treat, take a look at some of our ice pop recipes, including some with boozy twists. Or just skip the stick and freeze your rosé.