Wheaties, Special K, cereal, breakfast
Credit: © John Ewing/Portland Press Herald / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The US women’s gymnastics team may have taken home the gold in Rio, but it certainly doesn’t feel like they’ve landed the top prize when it comes to the requisite cereal box exposure back home. Though Wheaties has long been the most coveted cereal box spot, this year, Simone Biles and company have ended up on the front of boxes of Special K Red Berries instead.

In the end, the choice strictly comes down to business. According to Yahoo Sports, Kellogg’s is a sponsor of both USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee, meaning their cereals got the top pick of the Olympic litter while Wheaties and its parent company General Mills were left scrounging around like they were looking for the toy in the bottom of a cereal box. Word on the street (via The Hollywood Reporter) is that Wheaties plans to lock in some Olympian at some point, but the brand wouldn’t discuss who.

Meanwhile, though it definitely doesn’t reduce the young women’s accomplishments, having your faces on a box of Special K Red Berries cereal just isn’t as romantic as “the breakfast of champions.” In fact, Special K might be better described as “the breakfast of no one.” Literally last Thursday, the Associated Press ran a story on how sales of Special K products have been so bad, the brand is sabotaging the profits for all of Kellogg.

“Special K has been a major drag,” Kellogg’s CEO John Bryant was quoted as saying. I doubt they would ever openly say it, but I wonder if the women’s gymnastics team is thinking the same thing.