By Carey Jones
Updated December 01, 2015
Hangover Noodle Soup
Credit: © Peter Garritano

Where: Urbanspace Vanderbilt, NYC

What: Soup for breakfast is common across much of Southeast Asia, from Vietnamese pho to Malaysian laksa. And it’s no secret that a bowl of hearty morning soup can be a terribly effective hangover cure. From the Bangkok B.A.R stall at the new food hall at New York’s Urbanspace Vanderbilt, the “Hangover Noodle Soup” will fill you up with a bowl of rice noodles in a spicy broth with lime, chili, and herbs — plus chicken and fried pork belly, for that all-important “fried pork” component of a hangover meal.

Wash it down with: Fresh coconut water from a young Thai coconut — not hair-of-the-dog, but the best hangover hydration you’ll ever find.