Designers are finding beautiful new uses for scraps, shards and other discards.

By Jessica Romm
Updated March 31, 2015

Faux Paper Plates

Virginia Sin of Passionately Curious casts dishwasher-safe plates from a slurry of recycled paper pulp and porcelain. From $35;

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Scrappy Textiles

Bonita Ahuja layers bits of colorful dyed silk and cotton on her “Carousel” pillows and curtains. From $180;

Photo © Bonita Ahuja

Floral Lamp

Jeremy Cole makes a glowing version of a floating orchid out of pieces of recycled bone china. $1,950;

Photo © Xavier Young

Cheeky Plates

For the “Vandalized Vintage” line, the designer for Trixie Delicious adds bon mots to china plates from flea markets. From $18;

Photo © Karen Dennis

China Jewelry

Gésine Hackenberg repurposes damaged china by cutting it into pearl-like circles for necklaces, brooches and earrings. From $280;

Photo © Gésine Hackenberg

Perky Teapots

Esther Derkx prints images of pinup girls and bathing beauties onto salvaged teapots and platters. From $40;

Photo © Esther Derkx

Patchwork Shawl

Christina Kim of Dosa turns pieces of vintage saris into “Shuktara” shawls. From $530;

Knives Reborn as Bottle Openers

Young designers working out of a small studio in Vienna turn factory-reject and vintage butter knives into one-of-a-kind bottle openers. From $31 each;