Untappd Makes It Easier to Support Bars and Breweries During COVID-19

The new resource lets people know where beer is being sold for pickup and delivery.

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Due to reduced business and forced closures, many restaurants and bars are going to struggle to survive the coronavirus outbreak—even with creative solutions and alternative forms of customer support. The same applies to breweries. Packaged beers may see a slight uptick in sales as people stock up to drink at home, but thousands of America’s independent brewers follow a more modern business model heavily based on taproom sales and local keg distribution. However, in these tough times, a hugely popular app is trying to help any business that sells beer.

Untappd—America’s leading beer rating app—has launched an in-app feature called Gregslist (named after the app’s founder Greg Avola). Listed at the top of Untappd’s “Discover” section, the new resource is described in the app as “a global, comprehensive list of ways to support your local restaurants, pubs, and breweries during the COVID-19 Health Crisis.” Bottle shops and other stores can get in on the action as well.

“Gregslist is a list of local businesses with links to some of the ways you can support them while the world attempts to ‘flatten the curve’ and encourage social distancing,” Kyle Roderick, senior vice president of product for Untappd, told me via email. “The list is generated by a mixture of moderated crowdsourced data, direct editing by Untappd for Business customers, and the efforts of our team. Breweries, restaurants, bars, bottle shops, and more are able to see their details live on the list and propose edits. We believe there's power and desire in the community to support local businesses and their workers given the opportunity. We wanted to create a way to give back to our friends, colleagues, and customers during what has become an uncertain time for many.”

Once in Gregslist, users can find info in two ways: It automatically generates a list of nearby venues (based on places where people have checked in beers on Untappd) or you can search by venue name or city. Then, every listing has five options—open, pickup, delivery, curbside, and gift cards—that are marked as either yes, no, or uncertain. Links for a telephone number, website, beer delivery, and food delivery can also be added. Requests can also be made to edit the information or remove it from Gregslist entirely. And helpfully, each listing also says when it was last updated.

And since Gregslist was introduced as a public service, you don’t even need an Untappd account to view or edit the info. In fact, you don’t even need to download the Untappd app. All the info can be found at untapped.com/Gregslist.

Of course, as is the case with any crowdsourced resource, the list is only as useful as the number of people who update it. As of this writing, about 20 percent of the venues that popped up in a search of the admittedly broad “New York” had any information listed. Still, it’s an extremely interesting and potentially very convenient tool for anyone wondering where they can go to stock up on beer supplies while self-quarantining. And if millions of users can find the time to check-in beers just to brag about what they’ve been drinking, hopefully they can find the time to update info about their favorite breweries, bars, and bottle shops, too.

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