By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 15, 2015
Credit: © Aflo Co. Ltd. / Alamy

According to the sushi-nomics index from Bloomberg (yes, there is such a thing as sushi-nomics), last year in New York City the average price of a “premium” sushi roll (those would be your rainbow rolls, your spider rolls—all the rolls that get their own page of a menu) was $15.93. How would like your next sushi meal for less than one percent of that? According to a source in Tokyo, an unnamed sushi counter is offering this deal. Food blogger Mr. Sato found the shop and ordered yellowtail sushi for 10 yen a piece. That’s about eight cents. True, a piece of yellowtail isn’t as loaded as some of the monstrous rolls the sushi-nomics index tracked, but we’ve always preferred the simplicity of a piece of fresh fish anyway. Sato said there was one catch to the bargain basement prices—you have to order a drink. Although, be honest, you were going to have a sake anyway.

The yellowtail seems to be the best deal, but, according to the menu hand-scrawled in marker on pieces of laminated paper outside, everything is pretty cheap. Mackerel for $.97, shrimp for $1.46. And, most importantly, reports are that the fish is on par with many places charging ten times as much.

According to Sato’s post on Rocket News the shop has only been opened for a few months. We’ll have to hope they stay in business long enough to make it to Tokyo. And we’ll definitely be thinking about their humble storefront the next time we look at the bill for a spicy tuna roll in Soho.

If you’re looking for the unnamed shop you can find it here.