Economy class options will also include burgers starting in July.
Deep dish pizza United Airlines
Credit: FG/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor / Getty Images 

Flying in coach class can tough sometimes: Maybe your legs are cramped or you’re stuck next to a guy who snores. But pizza makes everything better, a universal truth that United Airlines has clearly decided to capitalize on.

The Chicago-based airline, which may soon be facing a wine shortage, coule make up for that deficiency by introducing deep-dish pizza to their economy cabins this July, according to Forbes. Boring airplane food is finally getting an upgrade.

The pizzas will come from Uno Pizzeria & Grill, a staple of the Chicago deep-dish pizza scene. A spokesperson for the airline told the blog Travel Skills that the version of the pie they'll offer will be “a spinach and garlic deep dish pizza for $9.99. Available on all flights departing North America (except in Canada). It’ll be prepared and served in our skillet dish to help the cheese brown and keep the crust crispy. And we’re planning a Pizza and Beer combo’ for $13.99 pairing the pizza with a Miller Lite.” That's the first time we've heard "paired" and "Miller Lite" in the same sentence, but okay.

So the good news is that you'll be able to dig into some vetted Chicago-style pizza on the plane. The bad news? Only if you're leaving the country. But domestic flights aren't being completely ignored. Travel Skills also reports that earlier this year, United introduced $12 burger to their paid snack cart menu.

Alaska Airlines also offers a $7 cheeseburger on their flights, proving that airlines really are stepping up their game when it comes to dispelling the notion that airplane food is unappetizing by nature (as long as you find in-flight cheeseburgers appetizing). American Airlines began offering free meals in economy class on some transcontinental routes back in March, a move that will probably appeal to potential travelers who want to get the most out of their flight. Otherwise, there's always the airport food court.