Here's when you'll find it in the cereal aisle, what it tastes like, and where you can get it right now.

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The era of all things unicorn is upon us, and that notion isn't lost on Kellogg's which released a Unicorn Froot Loops cereal in the U.K. last year. But if we've learned anything about unicorn foods from Starbucks' frappuccino to ramen to cannoli, it's that once people see something unicorn, they want it. Now. So with the response and fervor around a Unicorn Cereal heating up, Kellogg's acquiesced to the public's demand and promised a mystical, magical breakfast would be available stateside this year. That day, unicorn seekers, is finally here.

Kellogg's is launching Unicorn cereal (as opposed to the U.K.'s Froot Loops edition) right alongside its regular lineup in grocery store aisles nationwide next month. As of March 5, you'll find the pink, purple, and blue rings dotted with white sprinkles appearing in "family size" boxes (because kids and adults alike should be able to experience the magic) in supermarkets around the country. The box itself features a coloring book-style back panel, as well as a handy chart to discover your "Unicorn Name." (Mine is Mystic Feather Wind, by the way.) The limited-time loops will be available while supplies last, according to a Kellogg's representative, and there is no indication if there will be a second run at this point.

But if March 5 is too far away, then you've got another option. If you're lucky enough to live in New York City, stop by the experiential and experimental Kellogg's NYC, the cereal cafe that lets you play with unlimited combinations and gourmet toppings for your bowl, as well as cereal-based coffee drinks and desserts. There, you can currently pick up a box of the Unicorn Cereal, again while supplies last, before it hits stores.

So what does Unicorn Cereal taste like? The box insists it's Magic Cupcake flavored, so we taste tested the new cereal earlier this week, and it definitely delivers on that "cake batter" flavor we've come to know in various forms including ice cream and even protein powder. The texture is, as you might expect, identical to Froot Loops, however, all of the colors are indeed the same cupcake flavor.

Kellogg's Unicorn Cereal is available now at Kellogg's NYC in Union Square for $5 and will sell for $3.98 at grocery stores beginning March 5.