It's topped with cake mini macarons.

unicorn cannoli unicornoli
Credit: Courtesy of Gelso & Grand

New York's "Unicornolli," the unicorn-ified cannoli, is everything you could want it to be. It's a waffle cone shell filled with lavender-berry buttercream, funfetti, strawberry, and graham crackers, topped with lavender-berry macaroon and a little funfetti cake, and decked out in rainbow sprinkles. Plus, if all that isn't enough unicorn magic yet, the shell of the cannoli is dusted in 24-karat gold. So yeah, this cannoli will make pretty much all your fairytale dreams come true.

The cannoli is available at Gelso & Grand, a restaurant in Little Italy known for their cannoli. In April, the restaurant made headlines with its foot-long cannoli, where you could choose whether you wanted to eat from the Reese's side or the side with matcha and Oreos. Basically, they know their way around Insta-worthy dessert.

The Unicornolli also has a toothpick sticking out of it with a cute little illustrated unicorn. The illustration bears the instruction "Smash me." Sure enough, to eat this massive cannoli, you have to smash it with a wooden mallet to break it down into pieces that can actually fit in your mouth, as demonstrated in this Instagram. It's the perfect combination: a pinked-out, girly dessert that you have to be absolutely savage to actually eat.

The whole unicorn food thing, which you might know best from Starbucks's controversial Unicorn Frappucino, has made its way to lattes, cookie dough, and ramen. There was even that unicorn poop bark which, debuting in April 2016, was way ahead of its time.

Since then there's been a bit of a backlash, with so-called "goth" beverages and even a shake from Arby's that's named after the mythical/actually real Liger. For the slightly less colorful but equally whimsical, there's also this whole "mermaid" trend which is appearing on toast. Despite the unicornification of everything being a possibly passing fad, decadent treats never go out of style.