Among the 117 newly-approved symbols are olives, bubble tea, and a fondue pot.
New Unicode Food and Drink Emojis
Credit: Getty Images: GMVozd / Gary Moss Photography / Karen Schuld

The only thing more annoying than scrolling through a seemingly endless list of emojis to find the one you want is scrolling through a seemingly endless list of emojis and not finding the one you want. So though 3,178 emojis may sound like plenty, more could always be added. And in March, 117 new ones will be—including some new food-related symbols, of course.

Yesterday, our old pals at the Unicode Consortium announced the final list of new emojis set to be included in the forthcoming Unicode Version 13.0, scheduled for release on March 10, 2020. The official Consortium site says the update will include 62 new emojis—though the experts over at Emojipedia point out that when all gender and skin tone variations are included, that number jumps to 117. Regardless, this is Food & Wine, not Carpentry Saw & Wine (don’t mix those!), so we only care about some of these new emojis anyway. (No offense to the new Carpentry Saw emoji!)

Honing in on the emojis included in the official “Food & Drink” category, eight new items have been added: Blueberries, Olive, Bell Pepper, Flatbread, Tamale, Fondue, Teapot, and Bubble Tea. (As anticipated, White Wine did not make the cut despite plenty of petitioning.)


In general, it’s a fine list. Blueberries earn their rightful place alongside existing emojis like Strawberry, Grapes, and Cherries. Olive seems like an obvious inclusion. Bell Pepper can now separate itself out from the existing Hot Pepper. And Tamale fits in nicely alongside Taco and Burrito while providing some necessary specificity.

Flatbread is where things get a bit dicey since Stuffed Flatbread is already an emoji, but as Unicode points out, Flatbread can also pass for things like an arepa, naan, or lavash, so it covers a lot of bases. And speaking of covering bases, Unicode also recognizes that Fondue can cover both cheese and chocolate. Finally, Teapot and Bubble Tea? Sure, why not! The more teas the merrier.

Meanwhile, if we look beyond the specific Food & Drink category, other new emojis have food and beverage implications, too. Three types of “Feeding Baby” emojis have been added: Woman Feeding Baby, Man Feeding Baby, and Person Feeding Baby. Pinata has been added—and those are often full of candy. Mouse Trap has also been added, cheese included. And depending on how exotic your diet is, you might find some new edible options in the “Animals & Nature” section like Bison, Worm, or even Potted Plant. Then, once your meal is over, you’ll definitely want this new emoji: Toothbrush. (Hopefully, your food texts can avoid any need for the Cockroach emoji, which is also being added!)

Though Unicode will release the new set of emojis in March, the Consortium states that they usually take a bit longer to reach your devices. “The new emoji typically start showing up on mobile phones in September/October—some platforms may release them earlier,” they write. In the meantime, you can keep saying “Fondue” the old-fashioned way: Cheese emoji, Fire emoji, Shallow Pan emoji. Man, will it be nice when that is all one emoji!