By Noah Kaufman
Updated November 18, 2014
© Calorific

A lot of us may think we have a good handle on appropriate portion size. There is a new app, however, that proves we are very wrong. The app, called Calorific, shows just how little of most of your favorite foods add up to 200 calories with some attractive, if depressing, visual aids.

Why should you care about 200 calories? It is used by a lot of dietitians as the maximum amount of calories that a snack should contain.

Take a look:

Most of a doughnut

Some of a muffin

A hamster-sized portion of peanut butter

On the other hand, you can eat all the vegetables you want

If you are the responsible type, you can download Calorific for free, but a handful of the food photos need to be unlocked, which will cost you 2.99.

And if this is all a little too much to take in, join us as we drown our sorrows in something melty.