Even though California has higher vineyard and labor costs than many bargain wine regions around the world, it still produces good wines at surprisingly low prices. Also, because of economic scale, super-value wines tend to be produced in large amounts, making them easier to find. Here, three of the best California wines under $8.

Ultra-Value Wines:

2007 Delicato Family Vineyards Chardonnay ($6)

Crisp, juicy and full of ripe red-apple and pineapple fruit, this is better than many Chardonnays that cost over $10.

2007 TBD Rouge ($6)

One of the quirkily named house brands from grocery store chain Trader Joe’s, this Zinfandel-dominated blend is big and ripe, with notes of blackberry and molasses.

NV Barefoot Zinfandel ($7)

Lodi—the source for this wine, though the label doesn’t mention it—has become known as a go-to region for good, inexpensive Zinfandel. This berry-rich bottling shows why.

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