By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 23, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Marks and Spencer

The UK chain Marks & Spencer is a wonderful place. You can literally buy a suit, a blender and a bottle of tequila all in one store. (And then, obviously, go on to have the greatest night of your life.) But like many stores of a similar ilk, though M&S sells all sorts of stuff, they regularly try to lure in shoppers by promoting one specific product… like giant avocados.

Last week, the chain announced the addition of Carla avocados to their produce lineup. For those not in the know, a Carla avocado – cultivated from a tree found in the Dominican Republic in 1994 – gets billed as being five times the size of your average avocado, growing as large as over 2.5 pounds. The fruit is so big that you can fit a normal avocado inside of a Carla avocado once you’ve pulled the pit.

“Its size makes it perfect for sharing with family or friends or making a party sized salads or guacamole,” says M&S according to the Metro. Or buy a loaf of bread and make a week’s worth of avocado toast. Either way, though Carla avocados may look different on the outside with a light green skin more reminiscent of a mango, on the inside it’s a relatively standard affair. “It’s really juicy but still has the creamy texture that avocado lovers know and love,” M&S salad buyer Sally Sharp was quoted as saying.

But will people really flock to M&S just to get avocados? According to the Telegraph, the chain sold over 11.5 million avocados last year, an 18 percent jump, and they’ve already seen success this year with another new item: mini avocados.

Avocados, like sex, sell. And to follow that analogy a bit, it appears Marks & Spencer hopes that size does matter.