The Q Inn has a mouthful of a new neighbor.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 17, 2019
The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn

As someone who lives in the U.K., I can tell you that too many pub names are way too boring. We have two pubs called The Rising Sun so close to us that we always have to specify which one we mean. And trust me when I say the Prince of Wales has been dutifully commemorated in pub form. So it’s refreshing to hear that an area near Manchester is once again home to the pub that held the world record for longest name — and its only steps away from a pub with the shortest possible name to boot.

The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn and its 55-letter name was recognized in 1995 as “the public house with the longest name in the UK,” according to the Manchester Evening News, but despite this odd quirk, the Stalybridge-based establishment closed back in 2016. However, the notably-named pub has been reopened by new owners Sarah Farrer-Baxter and Nigel Baxter in a new location about a mile from the old one, and this new spot offers another cool quirk: It’s just two doors down from a one-letter name pub, the Q Inn.

“The Rifleman is such an important part of this town's history so everyone was gutted when it closed down,” Farrer-Baxter told the Evening News. “The old owners were two of my friends and when they told me I could take the name I was delighted. I was going to call it something else but I couldn't pass up such a good opportunity… The fact we're so close to the Q Inn is such an amazing coincidence. That the two pubs with the longest and shortest names would end up as neighbors is unbelievable.”

Farrer-Baxter said that now that the Rifleman is back open, she’s planning to reach out to Guinness World Records to have the pub’s honor reinstated. But regardless, with the Q Inn so close by, drinkers can still brag about taking “the shortest pub crawl with the largest difference between the number of letters in their names.” Can an inverse ratio be a Guinness World Record?