Unlike the actual Oasis, the snowed-in staff and patrons are even planning a reunion next year.
Snow falls at the Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire
Credit: Owen Humphreys / PA Images via Getty Images

On Friday night, more than 60 people crowded into the Tan Hill Inn in England's Yorkshire Dales for a concert by Noasis, "the definitive Oasis tribute band," according to their website. On Monday morning, the members of Noasis and most of their audience were still stuck in the pub after winter storm Arwen left the pub surrounded by snowdrifts almost nine feet deep.  

The circa-17th century Tan Hill Inn can feel remote on a good day — which is part of its charm — and its 1,732-feet-above-sea-level elevation makes it the highest pub in the United Kingdom. Those attributes also contributed to the unplanned three-night stay for some of their guests, as heavy snow, gale-force winds, and downed power lines made it too dangerous to travel the road that leads to the Inn. 

"I have learned that when you come to the Tan Hill Inn, you need to take the forecast seriously," pub guest Martin Overton told the Yorkshire Post. "The place is very exposed… it is what makes it special but in future I will pack a few more warm clothes and a couple of shovels."

Everyone at the Inn seemed to make the best of their situation. The kitchen kept the food, desserts, and hot chocolate coming. Noasis played an acoustic set, and the staff arranged a number of activities ranging from a pub quiz to a "best dressed snowman contest," to a sledding competition. 

"It's just been lovely and everyone is in really good spirits. It's a really good atmosphere," pub manager Nicola Townsend said. "They've formed quite a friendship, like a big family is the best way I can describe it. One lady actually said 'I don't want to leave.'" 

On Monday morning, some guests — and the members of Noasis — were able to dig their cars out of the snow and follow a snowplow down the road. "The road to Reeth is now open (unless it snows again later lol)," the Tan Hill Inn wrote on its Facebook page. "We have given a fond farewell to our previously stranded guests. All were wonderful and mucked in thank you. Big THANK YOU to our wonderful calm patient hard working staff who got through it all. You were the stars." 

Townsend told the BBC that everyone seemed to have such a good (if unexpected) weekend, that they might try to do it again. "It has just been like a get-together with good friends," she told the BBC. "We have discussed having a reunion next year." 

Sounds like fun — just remember to listen to the guy who suggested bringing an extra couple of sweaters.