Chang and his mother Sherri broke the news on Instagram.

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

David Chang is many things: chef, restauranteur, author, podcaster … and as he reminded the world on Thanksgiving, he’s also a TV show host and loving son.

On Turkey Day, Chang turned to his official Instagram account to wish the world Happy Thanksgiving with a video greeting from his mother, Sherri… which also happened to announce that the chef’s Netflix show, Ugly Delicious, will be returning for a second season. And if you stick around until the end, you can see juuust how happy Sherri was to be used for such promotional purposes (much to David’s delight who gives a hearty laugh and a heartfelt thank you for her help).

If you’re antsy for the show to return, you might have jumped at Sherri’s assertion that Ugly Delicious will be turning “this year;” however, Eater reports that Netflix doesn’t have an official premiere date for season number two, meaning the chances that it will arrive in the next 35 days are slim. (Eater instead suggests that mid- to late-2019 would seem more likely.)

In the meantime, if you haven’t watched the first season of Ugly Delicious, some holiday downtime might be a good chance to binge-watch the series’ first eight episodes (or watch them again!) Our own Danica Lo described the show as “one of the most important (and probably the best) documentary food series I've watched in years.” She continued, “Not only is it an international master class in some of the world's favorite comfort foods, the construct of the show combined with Chang's oftentimes-confrontational interview style offers powerful takeaways on multiculturalism and American history in every episode—all with an eye towards the future and how (or if) bringing people together around the dinner table can somehow open a gateway to mutual understanding and greater tolerance of our differences.”

Or if you want to go one step further and live the show, we also have a guide to every restaurant featured so far in Ugly Delicious. Yes, hitting up the locations in places like Mexico and Japan requires a passport, but you’ll also find plenty of places in American cities from coast-to-coast.