Charlie St. Cloud is not the most adventurous eater.
Picky eating gene mutation
Credit: KidStock/Getty Images

Through their televised explorations, globetrotting food evangelists like Anthony Bourdain have brought worlds of cuisine to eyes and stomachs that may never have experienced them otherwise. But what if these food TV shows were hosted by people with less-adventurous palates? This is the question UCB Comedy's YouTube channel seeks to explore with Dining Far Out, which stars Timothy Dunn as Charlie St. Cloud, a foodie host who talks a big game but is too picky to actually eat anything.

Introducing himself as "on the hunt for America's tastiest, most "yumadelic" restaurants, St. Cloud starts out at what seems to be a Manhattan Japanese restaurant, where executive chef Regan Hunter attempts to serve him pickled vegetables with prawn tempura. St. Cloud nearly loses his lunch at the mere mention of shrimp, so the show simply cuts to a later shot of the empty plate, and St. Cloud claiming he's responsible for eating them.

St. Cloud's do-not-eat-list is then slowly revealed to reach far beyond an aversion to shellfish. He sits down with regular customers, growing increasingly horrified by their sushi descriptions. "With fresh sushi like this," one says, "you don't taste any fishiness." But when he manages to try it, he very much does taste fish and struggles to keep it down.

Offscreen, he doesn't win that battle, and heads to a diner to try mushroom and cheese omelets, which look, he says, "cash money." Instead of trying it himself, he brings along his cousin, Jordan St. Cloud, who will eat on his behalf, and then tell the host what it's like. Of course, he also loses it upon taking a bite and realizing there are eggs in the omelet. The two St. Clouds attempt to fake eat the omelets, to little success, except, perhaps, in reminding you to be thankful for all food show hosts who can handle a wide variety of food.