The meal kit aims to address all the nutritional needs a night of drinking takes everything out of you.
ubereats hangover box
Credit: Courtesy of Uber Eats

UberEats doesn’t just want to make getting your food delivered quickly easier. It also wants to help you get rid of that holiday hangover faster.

The holiday season is a time to spend with your friends and family, celebrating each other’s company at sometimes very festive parties. For when those parties leave you feeling a little less than festive, the online meal ordering and delivery platform is offering U.K. customers a “morning after” meal that will help revive from and survive even more merrymaking and revelry.

Designed by gastrophysics chef and Kitchen Theory founder Jozef Youssef and made by restaurant chain Leon, the “Fix Up Feast” is a perfectly balanced meal that will restore all the essential nutrients you lost after that lively house party or heavy night at the bar. The entire boxed meal contains eggs, bacon, mushrooms, beans, avocado, and spinach, as well as banana porridge drizzled with honey and a side of orange juice.

“Each ingredient will target an after effect of a heavy evening out and will get those who have pushed things a little too far, feeling like themselves again,” said Youssef of the breakfast box.

While “the feast” seems mostly like a giant protein-fueled meal, the eggs and avocado are for flushing out toxins and reversing the effect of alcohol on your liver, while the spinach is for neutralizing stomach acid and the sick-feeling you get with a hangover. The bacon aids in replenishing the amino acids that assist with brain function, and the mushrooms and beans were chosen for their Vitamin B which is lost while consuming alcohol.

The orange juice helps speed up the body’s processing of alcohol by replacing the glucose you lost as you drank. Meanwhile, the sweet banana and honey porridge brings back your potassium and magnesium and most importantly carb-boosted serotonin, which activates your “happy hormones” to fight any booze blues you might be having.

The special box is priced at £9.45 (or $12.62) and was available for delivery starting last Friday, December 8. It can only be ordered until December 22 though, so you’ll be able to get boxes to carry you through Christmas.