But can it keep up with the competition?
Uber eats upgrade
Credit: © Bloomberg / Contributor/Getty Images

The UberEATS app recently got a makeover: The app now recommends restaurants that users order from regularly, making it simpler for you to find what you're looking for. You can also search for restaurants based on certain criteria including, how long delivery takes, dietary restrictions, and of course, by price.

There’s also good news for people who like to order lunch to the office. The app allows for customizable delivery instructions, including where you want the food dropped off, like in the lobby or on the curb outside your building. Both Seamless and GrubHub (which merged in 2013) have allowed users to write detailed delivery instructions before submitting their orders for some time.

UberEATS allows order tracking as well, a feature GrubHub rolled out in 2012. One the biggest draws to this app in particular is that it allows users to schedule food deliveries ahead of time.

According to TechCrunch the app currently has 46,000 restuarants accessible on it’s platform and also wants to launch its services in India and South Korea. By comparison, Seamless has around 30,000 restaurants in more than 500 cities, while GrubHub is the largest food delivery service with, 50,000 restaurants offered.

UberEATS first launched in March 2016 in a few select cities—just Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and now has a total of 71 cities on its roster. But even as the off-shoot of the wildly popular taxi service continues to grow, it faces challengers everywhere from Amazon Restaurants to Yelp Eat24.

The app’s new developments come just days after Uber decided to downsize it’s business delivery services, UberRush, which launched in 2015 and was supposed to bring it’s users “anything in five minutes.”

"We have decided to focus RUSH on other merchants that don't do prepared food, like grocery stores and florists. RUSH will no longer service restaurants starting May 8, but all other merchants will continue to use it," an Uber spokesperson wrote in an email to me.

This growth spurt is promising, but with long time apps already the favorite (GrubHub Seamless fulfill 230,000 orders every day), they’ll have to find a way to differentiate themselves in a big way to make an impact.