Uber's Annual 'Lost and Found' Index Is Here—and Someone's Missing a Pizza Castle

According to the report, riders also left behind meat, boxes of yams, whisky, and deli cheese last year, among other items.

Each year, Uber releases a "Lost & Found Index" that chronicles things riders have left behind, from the most commonly forgot items (phones, wallets, and keys) to the "most unique" lost items, such as a Game of Thrones wallet, sriracha high socks, and Swarovski binoculars. The company also keeps track of lost food items, too—for example, last year's index listed a crab steamer and a large popcorn maker as missing. While the 2020 edition didn't include any unusual appliances and tools, there were definitely a few notable entries, such as a "white, pizza filled castle" and a foot-long beer tap handle with "Hoboken" on it.

Uber Lost and Found Index 2020
Courtesy of Uber

In order to cull the list, Uber reviewed lost item inquiries submitted between February 2019 and February 2020, gathering the most common and the most surprising entries. You can find all of the unique food items, as they were reported, that made the cut below, and the full Lost & Found Index on Uber's website.

Food items left behind in Ubers

  1. A whole chicken
  2. A white, pizza filled castle
  3. Taco Bell work hat
  4. Three Mason jars with carrots, pickles, and jam
  5. Vinegar and southern cheese dip
  6. Culinary knife kit
  7. Magnum of champagne
  8. A birthday cake
  9. Bag of wine
  10. $273.16 worth of groceries
  11. Silver foot-long beer tap handle with "Hoboken" on it
  12. Meat
  13. Jose Cuervo tequila
  14. A medium strawberry & banana smoothie
  15. Lemon cake
  16. Johnnie Walker Blue Label
  17. A Jack in the Box hat
  18. Cake pops
  19. Panera Bread take out
  20. A Smucker's Uncrustables peanut butter & strawberry jam sandwich
  21. Boxes of yams
  22. Wooden beer mug
  23. Deli cheese
  24. Chick-Fil-A bag
  25. Sunflower butter
  26. Black Texas Roadhouse waiter apron
  27. Small brown paper bag from Eataly
  28. Gallon of ice tea
  29. A bag with about 14 packs of Nabisco Cameo cookies
  30. Two boxes of cookie dough
  31. Metal Boba straw
  32. Trader Joe's gift card
  33. A loaf of bread
  34. Four bags of sunflower seeds
  35. Bag of Kilwins chocolates

If anything, it just makes us feel less embarrassed about leaving behind that umbrella.

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