"Data-driven." See what we did there?

Uber Restaurant Guide
Credit: © Uber

Restaurant reviews—both professional and crowdsourced—are a dime a dozen, and if you've always been skeptical about subjective takes on flavors, dining experience, and atmosphere, Uber's got a new online destination for you. Just launched this morning, Uber's Restaurant Guide is a rundown of the most popular eateries in 12 cities: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, and Pittsburgh. The restaurants are grouped into categories, and ranked lists are culled from data Uber has gathered by driving diners around for the past few years.

"We've used this trip data to create a guide that reveals the most popular spots in cities across the country," the guide reads. "Some of these restaurants might be top choices for the critics, but our guide also reveals a few places you didn't expect. That's because our methodology is unique—rather than a critic's opinion, we're using a data-driven-approach that relies on where rides choose to go."

Some rankings that are currently available for all 12 cities on the roster include: most popular, local favorites, up-and-coming (which restaurants have had the greatest surge in visitors), brunch spots, weekend picks, and date-night destinations.

Can you guess which restaurant in your city is the most popular for Uber riders? You might be surprised.

  • Atlanta: Park Tavern
  • Boston: Legal Harborside
  • Chicago: Parlor Pizza Bar
  • Dallas: Rustic
  • Denver: Viewhouse Eatery, Bar & Rooftop
  • Los Angeles: Perch
  • Miami: American Social
  • Nashville: Acme Feed & Seed
  • New York: Vandal
  • Phoenix: Sandbar Mexican Grill
  • Pittsburgh: Sienna Mercato
  • San Francisco: Southern Pacific Brewing

As far as the top up-and-comers—restaurants that have seen a recent surge in Uber pick-ups and drop-offs?

  • Atlanta: Manuel's Tavern
  • Boston: T. Anthony's Pizzeria
  • Chicago: The Diag
  • Dallas: Dodie's Reef
  • Denver: Barricuda's
  • Los Angeles: Fu's Palace
  • Miami: Kon Chau
  • Nashville: Calypso Cafe East
  • New York: Miss Korea BBQ
  • Phoenix: Crudo
  • Pittsburgh: Penn Brewery
  • San Francisco: Z&Y Restaurant