Could pea milk usurp oat milk? 
Chia-Seed Pudding
Chia seeds made the list.
| Credit: Antonis Achilleos

Uber Eats is in the unique position of knowing your real tastes. What you order to settle in for a Netflix marathon is probably a lot different from the food you Instagram, or the things you cook. Or is it? According to Uber Eats' food trend report for 2019, takeout is getting healthier—and more photogenic—than ever before (seriously, the company calls out edible flowers as an increasingly popular garnish).

Most of Uber's food trend predictions center around fairly common ingredients (pumpkin, turmeric, tofu, chia seeds, honey) and eating plans (vegans and those following the keto diet can expect to see a lot more delivery options in 2019), with a handful of slightly unexpected picks thrown in. Read on for five Uber East-approved foods that could knock sushiritos and poké bowls (both of which were on the company's 2018 trends list) off their thrones.

Pea Milk

pea milk
Credit: Oliver Vorspohl / EyeEm / Adél Békefi / Getty Images

Oat milk (which made Pinterest's 2019 food trend predictions list) and pea milk are currently duking it out for the title of 2019's Supreme Non-Dairy Alternative. Pea milk has a pretty neutral flavor (so, unlike most nut milks, you won't really taste it in your coffee).


This levantine flatbread, which happens to be the perfect side order, is traditionally topped with za’atar.


Impossible Burger
Credit: Courtesy of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Heme is the magic ingredient in those vegan Impossible Burgers—the iron-containing molecule that makes them "bleed." It was given FDA approval earlier this year.

Chulpe Corn

This toasted corn snack is popular in Peru. Dried chulpe corn kernels don't burst like popcorn—instead, they get slightly puffy.

Rolled Ice Cream

Sure, rolled ice cream has been around for a while, but Uber Eats thinks 2019 is going to be its breakout year. We respect the company's commitment to safely and speedily transporting frozen treats.