Credit: © DeAgostini/Getty Images

If you’ve been thinking about getting into the high-stakes world of Wisconsin cheese theft, you may want to reconsider—not just because stealing cheese is wrong, but also because there’s some pretty tough competition out there. In the past two weeks, authorities in the state have seen $160,000 worth of cheese stolen in two separate incidents.

This past Friday, authorities in Germantown, Wisconsin, reported that an entire trailer full of $70,000 worth of cheese product was stolen. According to Eater, the bandits stalked their prey carefully, parking a truck cab across the street and waiting until they could hitch the trailer up and drive it away. The trailer was originally discovered abandoned and empty, but in a result that was described as “extremely unusual,” the cheese itself was recovered—from a grocery store. Seems the cheese had already landed in the deli case, but thanks to GPS tracking, authorities were able to retrace the trailer’s trip. The thieves, however, are still at large.

Meanwhile, just a week earlier and a mere 200 miles away in Marshfield, Wisconsin, $90,000 worth of Parmesan went missing from a logistics facility, according to local police. On January 14, a semi was loaded with 40-pound blocks of the Italian staple but the delivery never arrived at its destination. Authorities still don’t know who took it or what semi it was loaded into. Sounds like that facility may not be as good at logistics as they advertise.

This afternoon, the Marshfield News-Herald reported that officials don’t believe that the two thefts are at all connected, but Marshfield Police Lieutenant Darren Larson also said that thefts like the one he encountered aren’t common. “This is the first case of this nature we've ever had in my 27 years here,” the officer said.

Still, maybe it’s best to not let your cheese leave the house without supervision until all this is sorted out.