The classic candy bar just got a makeover. 
Triple Chocolate Twix
Credit: Courtesy of Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Back in 2017, candy company Mars surprised Twix fans with the debut of a brand new dark chocolate version of the drug-store treat, as well as the relaunch of two popular limited-edition flavors: peanut butter and white chocolate (now available permanently). And this week, they've announced that another Twix offshoot is joining the family: Triple Chocolate (a.k.a. chocolate cookies and chocolate caramel, covered in chocolate).

"Our consumers are seeking chocolate treats that play on texture and crunch," Twix Brand Director, Michelle Deignan said in a statement. "This new flavor takes the classic Twix Cookie Bar our fans know and love and combines it with three times the chocolate to create a new favorite for all chocolate lovers." Yes, Twix's signature texture is still there—crumbly cookies covered in chewy caramel and wrapped in a thin layer of chocolate. But everything is shot through with extra cocoa (the amped-up chocolate flavor is immediately obvious in the cookie, more subtle in the caramel).

If the new Triple Chocolate Twix seems familiar, you're not wrong. Mars first released the flavor in the UK in the early '90s, and they even made an appearance stateside back in 2010. This time around, they'll be sold at major retailers nationwide in singles packs and share size, although it's not clear how long they'll be available.

This is all part of the larger trend of major candy companies like Mars and Hershey doubling down on revamping their iconic candy bars to keep the public interested—hence the release of products like the Birthday Cake 3 Musketeers bar, or Kit Kat Extra Crispy—rather than launching entirely new products (one exception being the Hershey Gold bar, which debuted last year). Candy bars with recognizable names have become somewhat of a safe space for experimentation (provided their formula isn’t tweaked too much).