By FWx Editors
Updated March 28, 2014
Thinking outside the cinnamon bun
| Credit: iStockphoto

Today Taco Bell launched its heavily hyped breakfast menu, which features everything from Waffle Tacos (just what they sound like) to Cinnabon Delights (little fried things full of cream cheese frosting). And Twitter—which, let's face it, is America's most incisive well of commentary—just can't seem to figure out what it thinks of Living Más before 11 a.m.

For those of you who avoid fast food or just can't get up early enough in the morning to eat it for breakfast, here are some tasty egg sandwiches you can have instead.

Part egg salad, part Egg McMuffin.

It's from Thomas Keller, so just make it.

Not to knock the sausage Waffle Taco, but this is a better way to sate your breakfast-sausage craving.

It's like an entire eggs Benedict in sandwich form.