Cook along with a celebrity chef, live, every single night of the week.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
Ralph Notaro / Getty

Justin Warner hasn't been resting on his laurels since winning the eighth season of Food Network Star four years ago. Not long after the reality series wrapped, Warner debuted Rebel Eats, a one-hour pilot, on the network. And in 2015, after his 4-year-old restaurant Do or Dine shuttered in Brooklyn, he published his first cookbook, The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them.

Since then, he's toyed with the idea of launching a website all about parenting—"I'd love to have a kid and make a daddy blog," he told Grub Street. "I'd make food and talk about what it's like to have to navigate whatever gigs and jobs I have, and what it's like to stay home while my wife manages a restaurant." And he's even considered moving out of New York—"I don't know what would be more entertaining than, like, trying to raise a kid and change the food-scape of South Dakota."

Warner hasn't up and moved cross country just yet. Instead, next week he'll debut a live cooking show on social gaming platform Twitch, a first for the media brand. The show, produced by Al Roker's Roker Media and SXM, will be called ChefShock, and will be a live two-hour broadcast during dinnertime every single weeknight beginning October 31. Viewers can check out the menu and order ingredients in advance—independently or through the show's delivery partners—and cook along with Warner, all while interacting with him live via social media and instant messaging.

"The idea is that you buy the ingredients and cook along with me in real time," Warner says. "Nothing is pre-prepared. If I screw it up then I screw it up! But I am here to help if you screw it up."

Think of it as the prequel to mukbang—the YouTube video genre where people eat large meals while talking to the camera. Now you can cook alongside a real chef before chowing down. Sure, it may seem weird to launch a cooking show on a gaming and livestreaming platform, but everyone's gotta eat, right?

"Since the launch of Twitch Creative where we celebrate the creative process, the art of cooking has become popular among our community," Head of Twitch Creative Bill Moorier said in a statement. "ChefShock is taking this format to a new level by adding a highly produced cook-with-me layer to the process."

The show will air live on Twitch beginning Monday October 31 at 5 p.m. PDT / 8 p.m. EDT. The first week's menu includes comfort foods like meatloaf, pasta with clams, soulfood burritos, pork chops, and bibimbap.