By FWx Editors
Updated November 24, 2015
© Tina Rupp

Bacon isn’t going anywhere guys. No matter how many times someone writes an obituary for wonderful cured pork it comes back stronger than ever. Considering Thanksgiving’s place of honor on the food calendar, it seems only right that bacon takes its place among the pantheon of turkey day ingredients. Here, five recipes that give Thanksgiving staples a dose of porky goodness.

Pancetta-Wrapped Roasted Turkey

The pancetta Tim Love wraps his turkey in doesn’t just taste great, it also creates a fatty layer around the turkey keeping the meat in side extra juicy.

Corn Bread Stuffing with Bacon and Greens

Chef David Tanis says his mother would “roll over in her grave” if she found out he was adding bacon to her family stuffing recipe. We’re OK with it though.

Mashed Potatoes with Bacon and Mustard

Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple doesn’t just hide some bacon bits in mashed potatoes. These have full-on, smoky bacon chunks. Make them ahead of time and seal in a plastic bag if you need to work ahead.

Bacon-Shallot Gravy

Make this gravy ahead of time since it doesn’t need any drippings from the turkey.

Warm Brussels Sprout Slaw with Bacon

Looking for a quick side to add to the feast this year? You can whip up this slaw in just 20 minutes if you slice your Brussels sprouts with a food processor.

BONUS: Try slipping eight slices of chopped bacon into your apple pie this year like D.C. pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac.