By Carey Jones
Updated September 21, 2015
Credit: © Richard Casteel

Anyone who's ever eaten fried chicken (or your Jewish grandma's gribenes) knows the pure pleasure of fried-up chicken skin. Crispy turkey skin, for reasons not entirely clear, doesn’t get the same love. But some Texans are out to change that.

The chefs At Odd Duck in Austin, Texas, have always thought that turkey "deserves more time in the spotlight than one measly day a year." So they brine, sous vide, and then roast their turkey for sandwiches. And while they were perfecting the turkey sandwich they also came up with a pretty brilliant use for the extra skin too.

The bread: Thick-cut Texas toast, baked in-house.

The filling: That killer turkey would be a good enough sandwich base, but let's get to the turkey skin pimento cheese. (If that doesn't sound enticing to you, well, you're reading the wrong column). The chefs simmer the extra skin bits in oil until roasty and brown. Before adding those crispy bits to the sandwich they make a mayo from the oil. And then they make a pimento from that mayo, local goat cheese and chilies, and shredded Texas cheddar.

Crispy skin bits, sous-vided turkey and pimento? Now they're just spoiling us.