His plea caused Eegee's to release the flavor a month early.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated June 23, 2017
© Philip Friedman

As you might expect, Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild has a lot on his plate. Balancing the budget. Investing in roads and public safety. Fighting crime.

But this month, as temperatures in the city approach record highs and the National Weather Service begins to issue alarming "Excessive Weather Warnings" for the area, he has something even more important to deal with: Making sure his citizens are armed and ready for the heat with refreshing, icy-cold drinks.

And not just any drinks, either. Drinks in what we can only presume is his personal favorite flavor.

According to the Arizona Star, the mayor requested that popular restaurant chain Eegee's (which has 27 restaurants in Arizona) release its eponymous watermelon drink early. The chain's website explains bluntly that "an eegee’s is a cup of ice cold frozen fruit perfection packed with flavor and chunks of real fruit. Once you’ve had one, all other frozen drinks just don’t compare."

"As a long-time local restaurant with an iconic product—the Eegee," the mayor said on Wednesday afternoon. "[I am asking them] to provide to our citizens as they often do in the summer one of the most popular drinks in the community—which is the watermelon Eegees." We'd probably do the same if we were mayor.

His eloquent speech continued. "When it gets as hot as it is, the demand for watermelon Eegee goes almost as high as the thermometer, and I am asking that Eegee's put out—early perhaps—in the interest for the good of the Tucson public the watermelon Eegee's."

Rothschild's pleas were acted upon almost immediately. He received an emailed reply from Don Weymer, the COO of Eegee's, agreeing that "it's too hot not to have that in the stores," and explaining that while it was difficult to procure the watermelon flavor so quickly, "overnight we made it happen." By Thursday, limited quantities of the watermelon drink were made available in all the Tucson Eegee's locations.

Drink up, Tucson, and stay cool!