The new restaurant will be located in Terminal C. 

Tsukiji fish market
Credit: Elisabeth Sherman

Airport restaurants—which can be a hit, if you’re Anthony Bourdain, difficult to navigate if you’re trying to eat healthily, or in the case of Gordon Ramsay, the last chance to eat food fit for human consumption before getting on an airplane—are getting an upgrade: This fall, Newark Aiport will open a sushi restaurant supplied by Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest fish market in the world.

According to a report from Eater, OTG, a food supplier, will open Tsukiji Fish Market and Sushi in Terminal C, a fresher, upscale take on the typical fast-food type sushi you might typically find at an airport.

“OTG’s buyers will hit the market before dawn to select the best fish at peak freshness,” a statement from the company reads. “OTG’s sushi chefs will prepare it for diners that same day.”

The new restaurant—which is leaning heavily on their connection to the famous fish market—is part of a $120 million renovation of Newark Airport’s Terminal C (which began in 2015) to perhaps make it more upscale overall. There is now iPad ordering at almost every table in the airport and part of the overhaul will also include an invite-only restaurant called Classified. Dale Talde, of Top Chef fame, also has a restaurant there, called Little Purse Dumpling Den. The remodel will eventually add 55 new dining options to the airport.

Last year, the New York Times called the new terminal a “culinary oasis,” with shrimp rolls, “linguine clams,” watermelon water, roasted bone marrow, and even a croque-monsieur.

There’s no word yet on when the new sushi restaurant will open—sometime this fall is all we know so far—but with fresh fish from one of the most reliable fish markets in the world, it sounds like it's worth a visit. Too bad you have to have a plane ticket to eat there.