Dippin' Dots, Ice Cream

Members of the Trump administration certainly haven’t been shy about expressing their opinions on Twitter. Case in point, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer who has apparently spent time over the past five years taking shots at an odd target: Dippin’ Dots.

According to the AV Club, the history of Sean Spicer’s Dippin’ Dots beef can be traced back to a tweet from April 8, 2010. “Dippin dots is NOT the ice cream of the future,” Spicer wrote, referencing the brand’s well-known “Ice Cream of the Future” slogan…


In the comedy world, you call that a setup without a punchline. At the very least, he provided no explanation for his frustration with the brand. But in 2011, he was at it again, blandly reiterating, “I think I have said this before but Dippin Dots are notthe [sic] ice cream of the future.”


Come on, Sean! At this point you’ve had over 17 months to think of a funny follow-up line. How about…

Dippin’ dots is NOT the ice cream of the future. If it is, in the future, you can only buy ice cream at Six Flags. Or… Dippin’ dots is NOT the ice cream of the future. If it is, time travelers really should have spent more time on their business plan. Or… Dippin’ dots is NOT the ice cream of the future. But just in case, I buried a time capsule with the note “Your ice cream sucks!”

No, instead Spicer decided to continue displaying his dislike of Dippin’ Dots with more banal tweets. On November 4, 2011, he appeared to bask in the company’s struggles, tweeting out an article about Dippin’ Dots filing for bankruptcy...


Then, in 2015, he shot out a complaint about the lack of vanilla Dippin’ Dots at a Washington Nationals game. Why someone who seems to hate Dippin’ Dots was so acutely aware of which flavors were in stock is bizarre to say the least. I’m beginning to think he may have an unhealthy relationship with the brand…


Unfortunately, the AV Club was unable to say why Spicer hated the ice cream so much, and for some reason no one thought to ask him at the first press briefing he did today. Someone must get to the bottom of this! CNN’s Jim Acosta, looking at you here.