donald trump
Credit: © Josh Burdick / YouTube

Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump, I think everyone would agree that now that he is President of the United States, Trump will be an important historical figure for generations to come. It’s something that wouldn’t necessarily have been a guarantee based on his former status as simply a real estate mogul, host of The Apprentice and cameo maker in Home Alone 2. So if you’re looking to make a buck over the long haul, you might consider investing in some Trump memorabilia. Timeless items like, um, an autographed original storyboard from a 1995 Donald Trump Pizza Hut commercial. I’ll tell you what: You’re not going to find one of those for Abraham Lincoln!

A website called Moments in Time – described as “Reputable Autograph Dealers with Authentic Signatures for Sale” (because you should always trust a company that feels the need to describe itself by opening with the word “reputable”) – is selling an item titled “Trump’s 1995 Pizza Slut Commercial.” It’s the storyboard from a commercial Donald Trump did with his ex-wife Ivana for Pizza Hut back in 1995. The ad featured the couple shilling for the pizza chain’s then-new item, Stuffed Crust Pizza. The spot’s silly sexual innuendo is meant for viewers to think The Donald is going to engage in sexual activity with his former wife before revealing that the “wrong” thing they really plan on doing is eating the pizza “crust first.” I can only assume it was a “huge” commercial – probably the most viewed commercial of all time – and needless to say The Donald went on to sign the storyboard along with his wife.

Now, this piece of marketing, television, pizza and now presidential history can be yours for just $15,000. But the good news is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. You know, in case it turns out that Donald Trump is just an imaginary figure created by the world’s collective subconscious.