Trump Loves a McDonald's Menu Item That Doesn't Exist

Photo: © Spencer Platt/Getty Images

By now, you've probably made up your mind about the candidates in the Republican presidential field. But if not – or if you're the kind of person that can't turn away from a car wreck – you may have tuned into last night's town hall on CNN and heard Donald Trump make some bizarre comments about McDonald's.

When asked by host Anderson Cooper what he eats when he goes to McDonald's (credit Cooper for asking the big, tough questions), the first thing to pop out of Trump's mouth appeared to be "Fish Delight."

What exactly is a "Fish Delight"? Multiple news agencies are reporting that nothing called a Fish Delight actually exists on the fast food chain's menu. Some people are speculating that the billionaire simply struggled to get out the word "filet" – as in McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich – but I think we all know what we heard.

One thing is for certain, though: McDonald's should have something called a Fish Delight. And they should have it right now. Because this is some of the best free marketing the Golden Arches may see in a long time, and Donald Trump supporters seem like a pretty dedicated group.

If The Donald chows down on Fish Delights every day, you know his fans will want a piece of that glamorous Trump lifestyle. Why are you holding out on us McDonald's? Let the rest of us live like the rich and famous, Fish Delight-style!

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