By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 03, 2017
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President-elect Donald Trump has happily lent his name to plenty of things: defunct casinos, a defunct airline, a defunct university, etc, etc, etc. However, despite his track record of putting his name on any and everything he could, it’s probably safe to assume that Trump didn’t authorize the name of a new restaurant in the Kurdistan region of Iraq: “Trump Fish.”

According to common Trump punching bag CNN, citing a report from Middle Eastern-focused media site Al-Monitor, Iraqi restauranteur Nadyar Zawiti chose the name of his seafood joint in the Kurdish city of Dohuk as a loving tribute to America’s next president. Reportedly, Zawiti was inspired when then-candidate Trump said during his campaign that he was a huge supporter of Kurdish forces in their battle against ISIS. “What I admire about Trump's personality is that he's decisive, he's tough, and hopefully with that toughness he'll finish ISIS off,” the Trump Fish owner was quoted as saying. Yes, decisive like a fish!

Though the name might not sound like a compliment, the restaurant’s logo is, uh… also very odd. It features a feisty looking drawing of Trump that sports the San Diego Chargers’ signature lightning bolt logo where our next president’s hair and eyebrows should be. Apparently, the graphic was plucked from a December 2015 article on Uproxx where every NFL team’s logo was redesigned to have a Donald Trump bent. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that copyright infringement is pretty low on the list of priorities for the Iraqi government.

Sardinian Clams with Fregola

But according to the aforementioned Al-Monitor article, despite the bizarre name, Trump Fish is actually doing quite well. Zawiti said the unique branding has attracted not only locals, but also foreigners living in the area. You could say that Trump Fish is bringing people of all different nationalities together in the heart of the Middle East. How ironic.