Which could be a whole bunch.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 08, 2017
Credit: SAUL LOEB / Getty Images

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere (and Godspeed you if you are), you’re aware that former FBI director James Comey is testifying this morning before the Senate Intelligence Committee to discuss his ill-fated tenure under President Donald Trump's administration. Though Capitol Hill hearings are typically television footnotes relegated to the depths of C-SPAN, the promise that Comey might unveil some juicy insights into the circus that has surrounded the Trump presidency has given the event a Super Bowl-like atmosphere with every major network providing coverage. And what does every major sporting event need? Drink specials, of course!

Yesterday, Washington, D.C.’s Union Pub announced on its Facebook page that the bar would have an extremely bold offer during the testimony. “We open at 9:30AM & buying a round of drinks for the house every time Trump Tweets about Comey during his testimony!” the pub posted. “This ‘special’ will run til Comey's testimony is over, or 4pm, whichever is earlier.” Granted, the details are slim. “Round of drinks” is vague to say the least. And “tweets about Comey” is equally unspecific: Does the Prez have to mention Comey by name or does it count if Trump simply tweets about the hearings? Still, the President has obviously never been shy about using his Twitter account, and tying any giveaway to his future tweeting sounds like a good way to go bankrupt, especially since just a couple days ago reports were going around that he might “live tweet” the event.

Regardless, whether this special will turn out to be the deal of century or just the latest example of “fake news,” if you’re in DC and looking to start drinking before noon (Comey’s testimony kicked off at 10am), heading over to Union Pub on Massachusetts Avenue seems like a decent calculated risk. Worst case scenario, you have to pay for your drinks – which supports the local economy. And maybe the Russians. We’ll see what Comey has to say.