Was it really served to guests?
fyre festival in exumas bahamas failure of event
Credit: Courtesy of EyesWideOpen / Getty Images

The mystery of exactly what went down at Fyre Festival continues to unfold in increasingly intriguing fashion. Now another nugget of truth is finally emerging, after rumors clouded the epic saga of the failed music festival that left terrified millennials —who had paid anywhere from $450 to $12,000 for a blissful weekend surrounded by supermodels in the Exumas—scrambling to get home.

Amidst chaotic reports that luggage was being haphazardly tossed out of the back of trucks, festival-goers were expected to sleep in disaster relief tents, and there were no musical acts to be found, anywhere, one brave soul tweeted a picture of the meal he had been given to tide him over.

The Styrofoam container held two pieces of bread, two slices of cheese, and small side salad with no dressing—but guests had been told that the event was supposed to be catered by Starr Events, the catering company owned restauranteur Stephen Starr.

In a strange turn of events, however, TMZ is reporting that the now-legendary meal was actually served to the event staffers, while the guests themselves were served burgers, pasta, fries, and for breakfast, coffee and donuts. Still not exactly the gourmet meal they paid for, though. And as for that sad sandwich (does it even deserve the name?), it’s not really a suitable meal for anyone—and certainly not the festival workers, who were probably seriously overworked and exhausted.

Even though it turns out that guests weren't actually treated to that horrendous meal, Fyre Festival will live on in legend as event that produced the most pathetic excuse for a meal we've ever seen.

And as for those "naive" guys who dreamed up Fyre Festival in the first place? Despite the fact that the organizers—including a very distressed Ja Rule—issued their own apologies, promising refunds to all those traumatized by their experience, they were hit with a $100 million dollar lawsuit yesterday.