A state trooper caught the sticky situation on camera.

By Rebekah Lowin
July 26, 2017
lauraag / Getty Images

We all know dough rises best in a warm, draft-free location. So where better to stash it than the back of semi-truck in the middle of summer?

This Monday on Interstate 5 in Tacoma, Washington, around 4 in the afternoon, a truck was overtaken by sticky dough after hot weather caused the yeasty stuff to expand out of the black garbage bags in which it was housed. It made for a funny story for onlookers, to be sure: One of them, a state trooper named Brooke Bova, even took the time to snap a photo and post it to Twitter. Oh, and then she livestreamed the whole thing.

"When you think you've seen it all....dough!" she captioned the picture. "The heat is making it rise!"

In the subsequent 1-minute livestream posted to the same platform, she continued her commentary.

"Hi everybody, it's Trooper Brooke Bova with the State Patrol, and just when you think you've seen it all, you come up on a dough truck losing dough all over the freeway... I talked to the driver and he said that apparently, all the yeast and the combination of the heat is making the dough rise up out of the truck and onto the freeway."

Luckily, all the dough wasn't posing a threat to any other drivers out on the road. "It's clear to the shoulder, so it's not blocking [anyone]," Bova continued. "But I just..."

At this point, she begins giggling as she films the dough dripping onto the road.

Of course, it probably wasn't quite as funny for the truck's driver, who had to pull over and get assistance from Bova in order to handle the mess. The dough rose so intensely that it was spilling out from the top of the vehicle.

Well, we guess that's one way to make bread. Here's another, more practical, option.