It’s the first non-cracker product the brand has introduced.
Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters
Credit: Courtesy of Triscuit

When you think of Triscuit, crackers immediately come to mind—after all, the brand has built a foundation over the last 119 years on offering customers over 30 different cracker products, ranging from a Rosemary & Olive Oil flavor to Triscuit Wasabi & Soy Sauce Thin Crisps. But Triscuit has yet to venture outside the cracker realm—until now. This week, the brand is launching a new snack, Wheatberry Clusters, which aims to capitalize on growing wellness trends, reports Business Insider.

"We see it as a totally new snack, something that almost defies categories," Sally Barton, Triscuit's senior brand manager, told BI. "It's not chips, it's not trail mix, it's not a cracker. It is something else entirely."

The Wheatberry Clusters are made from "wheat berries in kernel form"—naturally—and also include nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. (If you’re unfamiliar with wheat berries, they’re great in salads with squash, and also pair well with roasted vegetables and Thai chicken). There are three flavors available: Pumpkin Seeds & Sweet Corn, Cranberries & Cashews, and Cherries & Almonds, touted as “plant-based fuel” in a “bite-sized crunch” on the packaging. The product, Barton told BI, is targeted toward a younger demographic that’s health-conscious, and looking for a snack they can grab on-the-go.

Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters will be available in store and online, for $4.29 per pouch. If you're looking for more healthy snacks to stock in your pantry, we have plenty that you can make at home. These DIY Snack Bar recipes are portable and great for back-to-school—all you have to do is decide between making cranberry-pumpkin seed energy bars, apricot, coconut, & almond bars, or matcha, pistachio, & quinoa bars (better yet, try all seven recipes). Craving something sweet and salty? Our roundup of crunchy snack mixes has recipes that combine different nuts, seasonings, and other snack foods (i.e. pretzels, wasabi peas) to play with flavors—like this Maple-Soy Snack Mix, with pretzel nuggets, Thai red curry paste, mixed nuts, and more. Check out the full list here.

This story was last updated on March 15 with information from Triscuit.