Trick Dog cocktail bar collaborated with McSweeney's on the new menu. 

attic gulag from trick dog bar crazy menu drinks
Credit: Courtesy of Sonya Yu / Trick Dog Bar

A bar in San Francisco has partnered with the humor and satire website McSweeney’s to create a new cocktail menu inspired by children’s books.

Trick Dog, in the city’s Mission District, recently launched their new What Rhymes With Trick Dog? menu. You won’t find cocktails like this anywhere else: The relatively tame Seasick Hedgehog for instance, is made with lemon, vanilla, vodka and Campari. Meanwhile, the Lunatic Bog is a mix of milk chocolate, sherry, whisky, and green peppercorn. If you were to order the Bolshevik Blog, you’d be taking a sip of cream-cheese washed gin mixed with absinthe.

seasick hedgehog
Credit: Courtesy of Sonya Yu / Trick Dog Bar

The menu itself is crafted with just as much personality as the drinks themselves: Each drink is accompanied by a poem from Oakland-based writer Daniel Levin-Becker and surrealist visual rendering of each cocktail by local artists Kelly Tunstall and Ferris Plock. The font illustrating the name of each cocktail is reminiscent of that used in Dr. Seuss books.

dramatic pollywog
Credit: Courtesy of Sonya Yu / Trick Dog Bar

In the poem for the Jurassic Fog, Levin-Becker writes, “Primordial ooze makes all the big news/Biologists think it’s a ball/So it makes them snarl that a fellow named Karl/Came along to envelope us all.” Above it, a green dinosaur wearing a trucker hat waves from behind a white cloud.

picnic snog
Credit: Courtesy of Sonya Yu / Trick Dog Bar

What does it all mean? Try not to search too much for a deeper meaning. Just enjoy your drink.

The James Beard Award-winning bar redesigns their menu twice a year. In 2015, for instance, their menu was inspired by a series of dogs that also appeared on an accompanying calendar. Past themes have included Zodiac signs and Pantone colors.

frantic frog
Credit: Courtesy of Sonya Yu / Trick Dog Bar

Each drink costs $14, and while most of the Trick Dog menus serve their six month tenure and then disappear, these menus, covered in their strange but intriguing illustrations and original poems, are for sale. All proceeds from the menus will go to supporting McSweeney’s and SOMArts, one of San Francisco’s premiere art and culture centers.