A preview of new looks for the table, from shapely porcelain to amber-tinted glass.

Dots and Dashes


FAR RIGHT: "Baguette" plate by Vera Wang for Wedgwood ($109 for a five-piece place setting; 800-955-1550). CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: "Mosaici" glass from Salviati ($90 a pair; 212-725-4361). "Unwind" pitcher from Royal Worcester ($100; 856-866-2900). "Moon iO" dotted plates ($35 each) and bowl ($75) by Jasper Morrison for Rosenthal (800-804-8070).

Curvy Shapes


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: "Dedalo" plate ($44) and bowl ($40) by Richard Ginori; 800-215-1193). Small, egg-shaped "Point" bowl designed for Raynaud by chef Thomas Keller of the French Laundry in Napa Valley and the soon-to-open Per Se in Manhattan ($18; 732-751-0500). "Saturne" collection plates by Marcel Marongiu for Artoria Limoges, featuring off-center platinum rings that make the plates look like they're sliding when they're stacked ($66 and $74; 800-416-0900). "Spinnaker" bowl by Frederic Spector for Nambé ($20; 800-443-0339).

Amber Glass


CLOCKWISE FROM RIGHT: "Flair" cake stand by Rosenthal ($40). "Amadeus" wineglass by Cristal Saint Louis ($135; 800-238-5522). "Imori" shot glass from Salviati ($110 for six; 212-725-4361). Tumbler from Arte Italica ($370 for six; 212-213-4773). "L'Arsenale" vase and bottle by KleinReid for Marinha Grande MGlass ($60 and $70; 877-725-7690).

Photographs: Anastassios Mentis