From Campagna and Calabria to Sicily and Sardinia all manner of well-made wines are suddenly pouring out of southern Italy. The region's potential--suspected for some time--is beginning to be realized by such wineries as Feudi di San Gregorio in Campagna and Argiolas in Sardinia, whose Turriga, a remarkably refined red, has even inspired the nickname super-Sardinian.

Champagne Six-Pack
You'll cut quite a fashionable figure at the football stadium unpacking bottles of Krug Champagne from your cooler. Packaged in a half-height wooden crate so the foil-wrapped necks are visible, the six pack runs $350 and is available at fine wine stores nationwide.

Unfiltered is a designation appearing on more and more wine labels. While filtration refines, clarifies and stabilizes wine following fermentation, some winemakers elect not to filter, as they believe that the character of their wines will be compromised by the process.

vintage kindling
Light your next fire with organic vine cuttings from Murrieta's Well Winery in California. Each bundle costs $7.50 and comes with a nifty booklet of instructions (510-456-2390).